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Carbon balanced fertilization from the purest source on earth
Live Earth ® Products

Located in Emery Utah, we mine and manufacture humic and fulvic ingredients for agriculture, animal feeds, cosmetics, dietary supplements, bio-remediation, organic gardening, and lawn care.

Humic acids are becoming a significant bio-stimulant to mainstream agricultural practices because of the many benefits that it contributes to the soil. Currently a crop is removed from the field and no plant material is returned to the soil. The humification process is hindered if no material is added and as a result the soil has reduced levels of organic compounds that will transition into humic acid. This process creates soils low in organic matter that may lack sufficient levels of humic acids to maintain proper fertilizer retention. Adding humic acid to a fertilizer program may help increase nutrient availability and retain the nutrients in the root zone.

Inside our site, you will find a complete line of products for all your humate needs. Check out our frequently asked questions if you would like to know more about humic shale, leonardite, and organic matter function in your soil.

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Available Product Lines

Live Earth ® Humate Soil Conditioner

Specially formulated conditioner for use on turf and ornamentals.


This foundational restorative formula reduces the build-up of salts in all types of soil.

Iron 10

Formulated to produce rapid green-up and long-lasting color, with out a rapid growth surge.

Triple-8 Plus

Specifically designed to bring the Carbon to Nitrogen ratio into perfect balance


A granular soil conditioner designed for surperior results on golf course greens, ornamentals, and other high-performance turfs.

Official Supplier of the 2007 Rose Bowl Game

Rose Bowl

"As manager of one of the most prestigious sport venues in the world, my field not only has to look great, it has to perform great. Live Earth® Products, Inc. has improved the health of my soil. Their products have served to increase the recovery from the wear and damage that my field sustains on a weekly basis. The field not only shows well, it provides consistent performance for the athletes that play here." -Will Schnell, Stadium Superintendent, The Rose Bowl Stadium