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Reinvigorate Your Soil

When plants are harvested from the ground, they take with them many essential nutrients, leaving your soil without the nourishing elements that plants require. This can cause diminishing returns on the health of your crops. Chemical fertilizers may yield insubstantial results, and animal fertilizers can be loaded with unhealthy amounts of salt and other potentially harmful ingredients, which may not be broken down into small enough parts for plants to absorb in the first place!

That’s where we come in. Live Earth products are rich in reinvigorating minerals and nutrients. In addition, Live Earth products can drastically improve soil for future harvests by reintroducing the minerals and nutrients your plants need. Live Earth products also increase your soil’s ability to hold water and fertilizer. Let’s break it down:

  1. The humic acid found in Live Earth products binds with heavy metals and other pollutants in the soil, keeping metals and pollutants from being absorbed by the plants. When plants do absorb soil pollutants, it can lead to unhealthy crops that may contain arsenic, lead, mercury, and other heavy and undesirable metals.
  2. Carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and many other healthy nutrients are stored, transformed, and cycled through the soil. This natural cycle can be disrupted by harvesting, or by using mineral deficient soil. With the potency of humates found in Live Earth products, the cycle can be restored.
  3. We’re not sure if plants can feel happy, but if so, then promoting healthy, mineral­ rich soil would be the way to go. Healthy soil allows the plants to respond to significantly lower levels of water and fertilizer by improving the soil’s ability to retain them. Being able to retain water and fertilizer means a reduction the overall maintenance cost! Happy plants, happy you.