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Fulvic Acid Dietary Products

Fulvic acid dietary products consumed by a couple

Fulvic Acid Dietary Products

For thousands of years, humic containing items have been used as miracle remedy by different cultures around the world. Only in the last few decades has serious scientific research investigated the health properties of this natural material found in the soil. This rich substance is loaded with minerals that were once common in the soil, and were introduced to us through crops and livestock. Through harvesting, we’ve extracted the earth of much of it’s humus (an organic compound in the soil,) and it has not yet been replaced. By taking advantage of these naturally occurring humates, you can improve your health in a safe and natural way.
How does something that helps plants, cows, and worms help you? You’d be surprised.

1. A unique property of humic and fulvic acids is a synergy through which individuals experience a much greater transfer of minerals to healthy cells and bones. The fulvic acid bonds with minerals, the humic acid increases the ability for cells to absorb them.

2. Humates can help relieve swelling from joint inflammation; studies show a bond to the collagen fibers, which aid and repair of damaged tendons and bone. Tendon strength has been shown to significantly increase in individuals using humate supplements.

3. Certain humate properties within the body may work with DNA and cellular division. It has been noted that the humate can prevent cellular mutation during reproduction, and is currently being studied for cancer research.

4. Humates have been shown to increase the oxygen-­holding capacity of the blood cells. As a result of additional oxygen, the healing of injuries can be much faster in these individuals, as well as improve cases of anemia by allowing blood to better absorb iron.

5. Humates can be so effective to your well­being, they’re used in cosmetics, dietary supplements, and even therapy! How’s that for a happy you?