400 South 200 East
Emery, UT 84522

Located in Emery, Utah, Live Earth Products, Inc. mines and manufactures humic acid and fulvic acid based products. The humic based ingredients manufactured by Live Earth are used in the following industries: agriculture, animal feeds, cosmetics, dietary supplements, balneotherapy, bioremediation, organic gardening, and lawn care.

Family First

Live Earth Products, Inc. is a father and son-run business that is a culmination of 30 years hard work.

During those 30 years, Live Earth products have become world renowned for their superior quality and are using by by both organic and conventional buyers.

Our Products

Humate Fertilizers in Live Earth Products Maintain an Ideal Carbon/Nitrogen Balance

Many traditional chemical fertilizers lack carbon while containing higher levels of nitrogen than plants can process at application time, which may lead to waste. Carbon in animal-based products may not only accompanied by too many salts and heavy metals, it also may not be in the form of carbon chain sugars for maximum benefit. Humate fertilizers in Live Earth products introduce a high-energy carbon food source into plants, turf and soil that may balance nitrogen levels, for efficient uptake of already-present nitrogen.

Live Earth’s Organic Products are Comprised of Thoroughly Composed Matter

Live Earth provides an organic mixture only found in completely decomposed, ancient plant life. While other products’ sources may not be entirely broken down, rendering them largely ineffective, Live Earth products contain only the purest plant matter such as humus, nutrients, enzymes, minerals, natural surfactant, bio-stimulates and fulvic, ulmic and amino acids. and amino acids. Our competitors offer fertilizers high in animal protein or none at all, which may take years to break down.Live Earth Products are rich in everything you need now.

Live Earth Products Offer High Concentration of Pure Humates

Many Competitors’ products don’t contain humates, and you will not find a purer source of high-grade humates than Live Earth. We use a highly effective extraction method that extracts only the most mature and beneficial humates.

Live Earth Products Work Without High Levels of Salt

Healthy microorganisms are essential to plant growth. Many of our competitors’ products use chemical and manure-based fertilizers, which add to the amounts of salt and heavy metals. Live Earth leaves out high levels of salts and heavy metals, which may cause the plants to be more stress-tolerant. Plants respond significantly to lower levels of N-P-K fertilizers and may cost much less to maintain.

Live Earth Products Provide Easier Uptake with Chelated, Complexed Fulvic Acid

Many traditional fertilizers use EDTA, citric acids or no chelating agents while Live Earth products are rich in fulvic acid. This allows plants to easily assimilate those nutrients that are being introduced, as well as those already in the soil. The energy saved in this process may then be redirected to enhanced growth, and production of proteins
and carbohydrates.