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Crop Thruster 1-0-0

Crop Thruster 1-0-0

Product Description

What is Crop Thruster 1-0-0?

Crop Thruster is a liquid blend of chelated secondary nutrients and amino acids designed for immediate plant absorption. It provides a quick solution to plant nutrient deficiencies. If your plants need a quick fix for an upcoming event, the Crop Thruster product may help achieve your desired results.

This unique liquid fertilizer is carbon-balanced. It regulates the nitrogen to carbon levels in the soil so it can hold in the nitrogen effectively.

Crop Thruster 1-0-0 Benefits

This product is derived from Hydrolyzed vegetable protein, Boric acid, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, and Zinc amino acid complex to maximize plant nutrition.

Nitrogen is vital mineral for your plants. Nitrogen deficiency is the most common cause of stunting plant health worldwide. Nitrogen from the earth’s crust and atmosphere is not easily accessible to plants — that’s where we come in!

Chelated nutrients are excellent for plants. The word “chelate” is derived from the Greek word chelé, referring to a claw. Chelation, or the claw, is the process that keeps micronutrients and metallic ion minerals in the soil, improving the availability of micronutrients.

Amino Acids are key ingredients in Protein Synthesis.

Other Crop Thruster 1-0-0 Applications

Foliar application:

The application of the liquid spray directly on the leaves or foliage. The leaves are then able to absorb and suck in the nutrients and natural chemicals from their pores.

Soil application:

Apply straight onto soil by either banding in the row or disking during or before planting. This prepares the nutritious soil for incoming plants and seeds.

Direct seed application:

Add this product directly to seeds during planting. When coating seeds, Mix 12 fl. oz. Crop Thruster with enough seed for one acre prior to planting. Coat all seeds evenly.

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