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Tree & Shrub 5-10-10

Tree & Shrub 5-10-10

Live Earth's Bio Basics is a homogenous blend of humic shale and soft rock phosphate made without fillers, binders or additives. It is suitable for use on all turf, ornamentals, crops, and treating soils that are deficient in phosphate, a major component of root development. The humic acid contained in Bio Basics may aid the uptake of micronutrients.

Product Description

What is Tree and Shrub 5-10-10?

Trees, shrubs, and other similar plants are not the same as your everyday lawn. That’s why it’s best to use the correct fertilizer. Tree & Shrub 5-10-10 is an excellent treatment for these unique plant needs. This carbon-balanced product adds carbon in the form of humic acid to the soil  soil so it can help store nitrogen fertilizers more effectively.

Tree and Shrub 10-5-5 Benefits

Tree and Shrub 5-10-10 is a liquid fertilizer specially formulated for your tree and shrub needs, giving you controlled improvement on your soil.

This product contains humic acid, a natural ancient compliment to the deep fertilizing coating. Humic acid adds more organic matter to soils, increasing fertilizer retention, nutrient uptake, root vitality, and seed germination.

This compost also includes a strong amount of calcium. Calcium is essential to plants and strengthens the cell walls.

Trees and Shrubs 10-5-5 Application

Tree and Shrubs 5-10-10 is a liquid fertilizer designed for trees and shrubs. It contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium along with kelp extracts and humic acid, and can be deep root injected, drenched or sprayed.

Foliar application:

The application of the liquid spray directly on the leaves or foliage. The leaves are then able to absorb and suck in the nutrients and natural chemicals from their pores.

Drench application:

The liquid nutrient mix is applied directly to the plant’s roots. The soaking gives the roots time to absorb the needed natural protection.

Deep root application:

Because tree roots aren’t at the surface, we specialize in providing the needed supplements down deep through a distinct pipe. We inject our liquid fertilizer 6-18 inches downward to those nutrient-deficient roots.

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