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Triple-8 Plus 8-8-8

Triple-8 Plus 8-8-8

Product Description

What is Triple-8 Plus 8-8-8?

Triple-8 Plus 8-8-8 is a premium granular blend of Humic Acid, natural conditioners, and essential nutrients. The nitrogen is specially formulated with a long, slow release time for extended plant health.

Triple-8 is designed to bring the carbon to nitrogen ratio into perfect balance. It regulates the nitrogen to carbon levels in the soil so it can hold in the nitrogen effectively. This miracle fertilizer is an excellent choice for rapid fill in and high stress areas.

Triple-8 Plus 8-8-8 Benefits

Humic acid is an all-natural concentrated blend of humates, soft rock phosphate and complex calcium to provide essential humic acids to enhance soil conditions. These essential acids have several excellent trace minerals, and may aid in the uptake of micronutrients.

Nitrogen is vital mineral for your plants. Nitrogen deficiency is the most common cause of stunting plant health worldwide. Nitrogen from the earth’s crust and atmosphere is not easily accessible to plants — that’s where we come in!

Phosphate is important for proper root development and new plant tissue production. Plants lacking phosphorous look unhealthy; usually an abnormal dark green or purple color.

Soluble Potash is another key ingredient. It maintains adequate potassium levels in plants and maximizes biological soil activity. Soluble Potash also reduces crop stress caused by drought, low light, extreme light intensity, cold temperatures, and excessive heat.

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